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What is Hermeneutics?

Understanding the Bible is one of the most important tasks a modern Christian finds themselves faced with, and yet one of the most difficult ones as well.

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I miss the typewriter

This may sound weird, but I miss the typewriter. It’s a “back in the day” type of thing. Word processors and computers existed while I grew up. In fact, I worked on them for my schoolwork in elementary school. However, I had access to an older typewriter and loved it. I was so young that I didn’t know what to write, etcetera, but the feel of its permanence with ink made it important.

In today’s society, permanence does not exist. Even companies start and go under in less than a single day. Despite the ability to edit and rewrite, however, most people don’t bother with spell check or professional writing skills. And it makes part of me hurt on the inside.

All issues aside, however, there is the ever-apparent “I can get to it later” attitude in my life when it comes to blogging. Working a full time job, attending school over full time, and raising a family (along with our puppy) does take up a significant amount of time – there’s no doubt about that. However, despite all things things, I find that time is wasted on insignificant things. But, given how easy it is to write on devices and use social media, the internet also feels increasingly insignificant.

Is it a revolution to go back to the way the things once were? Most assuredly not. I do invest in devices to keep me off my devices, as does the rest of the world, but my desire to avoid technology is not a new frontier for the internet – it is merely a yearning to be more simple. Somehow, technology and the internet has made life immensely more complex.

That’s why I have backed off of interacting on social media more recently. I realize that it is only an escape. For some, they get to escape their family and home life. For me, that’s what I don’t want to escape, but rather wish to capture the moments of. Of all the things to escape, it is the the complexity and stress that the digital world provides: the hammering of my inbox, the sounding of my push notifications, the lack of privacy as apps drain my battery by abusing my GPS…

I’m still around, of that you can be certain. I have just opted to sit back and enjoy the everyday moments more. To read more. To lay quietly on the couch and listen to the rain patter. To enjoy life, not be drowned out by it.

Counting Down to the Strawberry Short Course…

Hey there, folks! As a status update on my blog properties, I am still working on some final details for Scripted Genius. I need to look at the identity of the blog and what its overarching purpose is. Once that has been established, then I will be ready to complete the semi-annual State of the Blog review and put my ideas into action for the rest of the year. As I get closer to that time, however, I have another project that is taking my attention this week: the Mt. Hood Community College Strawberry Short Course.  Continue Reading