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Counting Down to the Strawberry Short Course…

Hey there, folks! As a status update on my blog properties, I am still working on some final details for Scripted Genius. I need to look at the identity of the blog and what its overarching purpose is. Once that has been established, then I will be ready to complete the semi-annual State of the Blog review and put my ideas into action for the rest of the year. As I get closer to that time, however, I have another project that is taking my attention this week: the Mt. Hood Community College Strawberry Short Course.  Continue Reading

Charlotte’s Worst Nightmare…

…is today. Why? According to Lé Wifey, Charlotte is a superstitious person. Thus the blog title. But what does it mean? Simply this…today is Friday the 13th and a Full Moon. Oh my!

Have a great weekend! My wife graduates tomorrow, so I’m super stoked about that. Cheers!

Visual Overhaul Complete!

It has been a grueling past week at the helm of recoding my properties, but I have accomplished my goal. A visual redesign of Scripted Genius has been achieved, and much more…

  • Scripted Genius is now the Scripted Genius Network. I still post to SG, so no worries there!
  • Reviews have been moved to SG Reviews. Unfortunately, old links will not work. This new entity is part of the SG Network, but a separate blog entity altogether. A new theme has been provided as well.
  • Dadlib has joined the SG Network, but is still accessible on its own domain. A visual refresh has been given to the site.
  • JonathanEsterman.com has been added to the SG Network and is my new profile page.
  • All my properties are more cohesive yet maintain their own strong brand image.
  • RSS feeds have been updated accordingly, as well as newsletter subscriptions.

Take a look and let me know what you think! I will discuss the State of the Blog next week and include the reasoning for these changes.

On the Book of Acts

The Book of Acts was written in the early 60s A.D. for the purpose of defending the Christian faith and showing the expansion of the Christian early church from a small Jewish sect to an international movement. Continue Reading