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We live in an electronic age, and privacy is no longer guaranteed, and in some cases, impossible to achieve. With this considered, if we obtain information during interactions with you that you explicitly label as “off the record” each time, we will do what we can to not publish this information, but do not take any liability in any form related to publication of the material, including hacks or loss of information. If you don’t express a conversation as “off the record” or confidential in advance, every time, we will assume the content is eligible for sharing, in good taste, on our family of blogs and social network platforms.


We believe in transparency and sharing. Feel free to share attributed work by providing the original link to cite the work and not using a “copy/paste” method of scraping content. Scripted Genius, JewBrew, Yonitude, Reviews by J, Dadlib, and YidBrik are the intellectual property of Jonathan Esterman, copyright, all rights reserved. Logo usage or “look and feel” use requires expressed consent. In other words, just ask us.


We respect the ability to “opt-in” to services, and if you did not opt-in for a service that you appear to be subscribed to, please let us know and we will remove you from the subscriptions mentioned. Please allow up to seven business days to change subscription information.


We are not liable for any results of use of any services provided, under any circumstances. All services provided are used with the acknowledgement of at-risk. We value safety and security, and will strive to ensure that its services reflect such. If you feel that a service has been compromised, please let us know right away.


Scripted Genius maintains the status of a member of the news media in journalism. SG may report news of discretionary nature. Additionally, SG may provide advice related to health or otherwise. In all conditions on any SG platform, SG is not held liable for any provided information or results, including potential defamation. SG entities and members will perform due diligence to provide an accurate and factual reporting of events that are considered newsworthy for readership, as well as accurate advice in regards to health or otherwise. If you feel there is an error in need of correction, please utilize the contact page to notify SG. At that time, SG will investigate the suggested correction/addition/omission, and make a best-taste judgement in editing. SG is not liable to remove any postings or alter them in any way – this is a courtesy, not privilege. As SG, by this notice, is a member of the news media in journalism and a blogging site, SG is protected under the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights for freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Additionally, SG and all entities and members are granted rights of the media for procurement and publish of newsworthy materials. If you wish to submit an item for publish that you consider to be newsworthy, you have two routes: submit a news tip in the contact form, or submit a guest posting request in the contact form.


SG will not disclose confidential material, when explicitly expressed as confidential, in any SG materials. This agreement is a mutual consent per each interaction; it must be clarified. If, at any time, an individual is unsure of current confidentiality status with their information on file with SG, the user may submit a request for review of status or a change of status. SG will make appropriate contact for release if any personal details that may identify the person are involved for situations not pertaining to mandatory reporting.


We maintain that our sites, and as a result, all of our members are a Mandatory Reporter for the State of Oregon, where the Scripted Genius Network is based, and other states members may be located. Confidentiality does not apply in situations where immediate harm to anyone could be suspected, or in any cases of current or prior child abuse allegations. The appropriate legal authorities will be contacted under such conditions. If you suspect that there may be a child abuse scenario but do not wish to inform SG, you may contact the State of Oregon directly at 866-249-9263.


Use of services provided is assumed consent to these terms of service. If you do not agree to these terms of service, you are more than welcome to not use any services provided by Jonathan Esterman, Scripted Genius, or any other creative entities. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact SG. We do not sell, transfer, or release your information, except in circumstances already mentioned in the terms of service. We value your privacy, and only use trackers on our site to determine which articles are of best value to our audience, and this information does not identify who you are.


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